Peter Griffin: Man of Mystery
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Peter Griffin's Greatest Accomplishments
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That time Peter Played Football and Got The Entire Crowd Involved in a Little Shipoopi
The Griffin Family has a Little Problem With the Kind People at "The Freaking FCC"
​Peter's AA Meetings....Kinda
​Annnnnnnnd Don't Forget about the Bird. Bird is the Word
When Peter Decided that the Family Needed A Horse
Road House.
The Time Peter Accidentally Injected Stewie With Steroids....
Oh Yes. And Star Wars.
The Music
The Laughs
​Nothing Wrong With Some Family Dissagreemnet.....Ok Well Maybe Something Wrong With This....
The Chicken.
When Pillow Fights Get Ugly...
And Of Course, The Crossover Fight.
The Fights
Part of the Time, He is a Father. A Proud Father of his two children. Chris and Stewie..............Oh and Meg.
And Let's Not Forget About His Faithful Companion Brian and his Highly Controversial Views...
Stewie In Love...Not A Douche...
And Last But Not Least, The Duo At Work!
Family Man