Peter Griffin: Man of Mystery
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Breakin' $*&#
Not An Escort, Escorting Service
Fart Bombs
Peter is always available to break whatever you need. Buildings, Kneecaps, Ups, The Law Whatever the situation may call for!

$45,000 * Services and Fees
Peter takes sadistic pleasure in ripping you off and stealing as much money from you as possible. There are no hidden fee's, but rather many, MANY very obvious fees. Please, do yourself a favor, and never call him for work.
Peter is never to big to take one for the team and make love to your wife. 

Free: Pictures Needed and No Fat Chicks or Guys
This is the most popular seller. peter will run up to Anyone and fart in their face. It is seriously more funny than it sounds. WARNING: Injury or Loss of Employment due to Fart Bombs are not Peter's Responsibility. 

$500 + Air Fair and Service Charge (Fart Bombs to Meg Are Free)
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Are You Aware That Literally ANYBODY is More Qualified Than Peter?
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